Land Rover Pasadena’s Lease Return Center

Land Rover Pasadena is the place to come and discuss all your Range Rover, Discovery, and Defender lease return concerns. Whether your vehicle was leased here or elsewhere, we simplify your next step.

Is your lease ending soon?

When your Defender lease or other Land Rover lease is at the end of its term, there are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare for what’s next. Our experienced sales professionals at our Land Rover Lease Return Center will help make the process easy and encourage you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would you like out of your current lease?
  • Ready to upgrade to a new model?
  • Looking to purchase your leased car?
  • Want to lower your payments and get a great new car?
  • Over your miles or have major or minor damage to your vehicle?
  • Land Rover Pasadena can alleviate all your concerns with a little bit of information from you.

We’ll be in touch with you as your Range Rover lease return or other Land Rover lease return approaches. Our associates send out letters prior to the end of your lease. The letters outline your options (see below) and include a wear-and-use guidebook. Of course, we would like for you to lease or buy a new Range Rover, Defender, or Discovery vehicle, however, you have options once you fulfill your lease obligations.

Before You Visit Our Land Rover Lease Return Center in Pasadena, CA

Planning on driving in from Glendale to drop off your vehicle at our Land Rover Lease Return Center? You’ll first want to schedule a complimentary pre-inspection appointment at least 45 days prior to your Defender lease end date. Just contact us at our Land Rover Lease Return Center to set up an appointment time. In the meantime, you’ll want to take a look at chargeable items as explained in our Wear and Use guide. For more information, you can consult the Lease Agreement you received when you initially visited our Range Rover, Discovery, and Defender Lease Return Center:

  • Holes, tears, burns, stains, strong odors, or excessively worn areas in the carpet, other interior surfaces, or convertible top
  • Scratches, chips, dents, pits, rust, holes or cracks in the wheels or exterior surfaces, windshield or other glass surfaces or metal work
  • Cracked, broken, or missing windows, doors, lights, trim, mirrors, or antennae
  • Missing, damaged, or non-working mechanical equipment, safety or emissions control equipment, electrical or other parts or accessories
  • Damage to the vehicle’s frame or alignment
  • Damage due to improper, poor quality, or incomplete repairs or paintwork. You also will remain liable to us for the full cost of any such items resulting from intentional or willful abuse or misuse
  • Any wear and use related to tires. The tire tread must be at least 1/8” (4/32”) at the lowest point and may not contain any other damages. Also, make sure that all tires match and are comparable quality to the original equipment. Furthermore, make sure to remove snow tires prior to your pre-inspection. Other items may be excluded as set forth in your Land Rover Defender Lease Agreement or other Land Rover Lease Agreement
  • Any missing manuals or missing or non-working keys or remote entry devices

Before you leave to drive across Monrovia to Land Rover Pasadena, you’ll also want to take care of the following tasks:

  • Clear any personal digital information from in-vehicle interfaces
  • Turn in all sets of keys to the vehicle
  • Place the owner’s manual in the glove compartment
  • Remove all personal belongings

Feel free to consult us about your available lease return options below before you drive in from your Arcadia home. Our staff can’t wait to help you break down your Range Rover lease return and other lease return options here at Land Rover Pasadena. You can rest easy knowing that you’ll be in safe hands!

View information on the following options our Lease Return Center has provided for you

Vehicle Inspection

Before your vehicle’s return date, visit our dealership for a complimentary, but required, vehicle inspection. This inspection takes approximately 30 minutes and can be done at our Service Center.

A certified inspector will provide an assessment copy of chargeable wear-and-use (if any), along with a Notice of Option to make repairs prior to return. If excess wear and use is discovered during your inspection, you have the option to repair your vehicle before returning. You may want to consult with your insurance agent to determine what is more beneficial.

Should your car’s condition change prior to its return due to repairs or additional damage, another inspection will be necessary. To schedule your re-inspection, please call our Service Center.

Owner Loyalty Offers

As the Range Rover, Defender, and Discovery brands are among the top best resale value of any brand, we will work to lease you a new vehicle for close to the same payment you are paying now with no early termination penalty.

Keep Your Range Rover, Defender, or Discovery Vehicle

If you purchase your car, you can avoid excess mileage, wear, and use charges. You will not be responsible for any costs other than the predetermined purchase option price and the incidental charges stated in your Range Rover, Discovery, or Defender lease contract or required by law. These may include sales tax, vehicle registration, a purchase option fee, etc. Certain state and local laws may require you to pay a smog or safety inspection fee, etc.

Customers can either write a check for the balance or finance the remaining balance on their lease. In some cases, we may be able to process your car in the same manner as a potential certified pre-owned Range Rover, Defender, or Discovery. This gives you all the benefits and warranty coverage of a true certified vehicle. If you are interested in purchasing your leased car and keeping it, give our sales department a call.

Return Your Range Rover, Defender, or Discovery

If you decide to return your Range Rover, Defender, or Discovery, we’ll make the process as easy as possible.

1. Prior to your lease maturity date, call us for an appointment to return your vehicle.

2. Complete a Federal Odometer/Lease Termination Statement at Land Rover Pasadena.

3. Even if you choose not to lease a new Range Rover, Defender, or Discovery, or you did not previously lease your Range Rover, Defender, or Discovery from us, we need your vehicle for our Used Car Department and can help make ending your lease easy and hassle-free. Range Rover, Defender, and Discover vehicles have one of the best resale values of any brand, and we may want to buy your car and pay off your lease with no early termination fees. If you have any questions, please call us at 747-268-0613.